Treating Doctor

Early Intervention Injury Management

OccuMED provides primary care to injured workers, as their primary treating doctor.  Early and effective management of the worker's injury supports early return to work and facilitates optimal recovery in the injury management and rehabilitation process. 

OccuMED’s doctors are specialist Occupational Physicians and Registrars specifically trained and specialised in the treatment and management of work-related disorders. OccuMED’s biopsychosocial approach is based upon best available research evidence to minimise cost and maximise outcome.

Injury management include:

  • Primary medical management

  • Triage of acute work-related injuries

  • Coordination of treatment +/- surgery

  • Certificates of Capacity documentation and upgrades

  • Management of return to work pre- and post-surgery.

OccuMED’s location near/within Medical Specialist Centres and its wide referral network of other Medical Specialists and Allied Health Providers, ensure easy access to:

  • Orthopaedic surgeons, including sub-specialists in upper limb, lower limb, foot and ankle, and spine.

  • Neurosurgeons.

  • Plastic and hand surgeons.

  • Opthalmologists.

  • Psychiatrists.

  • Physiotherapists.

  • Hand therapists



OccuMED’s Telehealth capabilities overcome key challenges posed by distance, providing clients and workers with timely and easy access to the injury management service.  

Telehealth injury management consultations, exactly the same as in-person consultations,  can be undertaken during business hours via appropriate technologies including video-web conferencing applications; Skype, Skype for Business, Face-time etc. and across mobile devices and PCs.