Become an Alliance partner

Alliance partners are medical practitioners and specialists that are part of the OccuMED network, but not only engaged by OccuMED. They are medical practices that operate in areas in which the OccuMED team is not present, but OccuMED clients have workforces in the area that are in need of some assessment. These partners are provided clinic appointments and guidelines on OccuMED standards and systems for required occupational medical assessment. 

Each alliance partner reviews our OccuMED approach and the OccuMED management team ensures that our Alliance partners are able to deliver an OccuMED level of services. 

OccuMED has been working with alliance partners for over a decade and has a well established existing network of alliance partners and we are looking for more. 

As a clients business grows and expands, our preference is to grow with that business and so assist in partnering with professional medical specialists that we can direct the client network to. 

If your practice would like to become an alliance partner with OccuMED, please complete the form below. 

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