Mobility Services

Supporting flexible agile workforces.

In line with demographic changes worldwide, an overall ageing population and working around COVID considerations, how companies maximise their workforces is calling for continual development and retraining of employees.

Flexible, agile workforces are proving to lead in every sector and workforce management is being directly impacted.

In order to facilitate this change, corporates are reviewing their assessment processes around the future health of their workforces as their teams need to become more mobile to meet the needs of an evolving business. There is also a decline in long term moves.

All of which has called for a reassessment of how employers support and care for their mobile employees.

Since early 2020, these changes have become more evident to the OccuMED team that assists a number of clients dealing with these issues daily.

Today we are tailoring our range of services to provide matching testing and assessment according to the individual employee and their movements intrastate, interstate and overseas. Through experience, we understand the implications for business and have fine tuned our coordination of medical services nationally and internationally to mobilise your workforce.