Special Projects

OccuMED tailor packages and services to a companies specific needs.  

OccuMED provides its client’s solutions to complex requirements leveraging 25 years of:

  • Experience in specialist occupational medicine consulting through a wide range of industries, covering a wide range of scenarios
  • Establishing the OccuMED operated medical centres and network of partner clinics in Australia and internationally
  • Mobilising medical and allied health staff to remote areas at short notice
  • Establishing a network of like-minded partners (medical and non-medical enterprises) with a common mission to deliver services for a safe, healthy and productive workforce
  • Listening, collaborating and innovating to deliver the best possible solutions to clients

Where there have been no ‘in the box’ solutions, OccuMED develops a tailored project service for companies facing very specific circumstances and situations that affect their workforce health either in part or across the business.  

These projects are usually responding to industry and operational developments that have been unexpected and need attention. By engaging OccuMED quickly, we have been able to ensure a considered and proficient strategy is undertaken, protecting all parties. 

If your business is facing considerations around your workforce that calls for a tailored review, the OccuMED team can assist in your management assessment and action plan to ensure an optimised approach to managing employee health.