Express Liability Desktop Review

In keeping with our core value of innovation, OccuMED are proud to introduce this new online service. 

Express Liability Desktop Reviews assist insurers and employers expedite liability determination within a 48-hour turnaround*, maximising KPI’s in cost-effective manner. 


This service utilises a skillset unique only to Occupational Physicians including clinical medicine, knowledge of different hazards and work environments, accident investigation, critical appraisal of information and determination of causation.

The outcome is a transparent opinion regarding the high or low probability of a work-related injury or recommendations of the further information required.

Optional comments include expected progress, return to work and detailing of psychosocial issues identified.

With the aim of a fast turnaround time in mind, our team will accommodate review appointments within 24 hours for injuries less than four weeks old. Our experience in occupational medicine will provide insurers and employers with a trusted and efficient response to assist claim application reviews and decision-making processes. 

The Process

The process includes reviewing of:

  • documentation
  • telephone interview with the claimant (optional)
  • determination of diagnosis
  • determination of significant work and non-work exposure
  • identifying other potential non-work related medical causes
  • reviewing of epidemiologic evidence

*The service has a 48-hour turnaround time if the injury is less than 6 weeks in duration, within 2 weeks of claims receipt, documents less than 20 pages (‘standard’) or straightforward claims).