Our doctors are medical specialists - Fellows and Registrars of the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine AFOEM). Together, they are supported by other medical specialists, allied health professionals and client support teams. 
OccuMED has been a trusted provider of occupational medicine services since 1996 with full service, one-stop capabilities across 3 strategic locations in Western Australia; Subiaco | Redcliffe | Murdoch. All three OccuMED clinics have been granted full AFOEM accreditation status until May 2023.

OccuMED also has national geographic coverage across Australia through a network of third party alliance clinics in capital cities, major regional centres and remote areas.   


Occupational and Environmental Medicine focuses on the effects of work on health and, conversely, health on work. It encompasses the full range of workplace and environmental hazards and how these may cause an adverse impact on health.  These hazards may be physical, biological, chemical or psychosocial.

Specialists in Occupational and Environmental Medicine are known as Occupational and Environmental Physicians (Health Insurance Commission (HIC) recognised Medical Specialists).  To become an occupational and environmental physician, a medical degree must first be completed before proceeding to specialist training with admission as a Fellow to the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) on successful completion of the training.

Some key competencies unique to occupational medicine include:

  • Clinical medicine

  • Workplace Hazard Assessment including:

    • Knowledge of different hazards

    • Health effects of occupational hazards

    • Control of work-related hazards

    • Investigation of adverse event

  • Critical Appraisal of Information:

    • Causation

    • Evaluation diagnostic test efficacy

    • Evaluation of health intervention efficacy

  • Determining fitness for work

  • Development & implementation of a vocation rehabilitation program



OccuMED services encompass the entire employment life cycle and spectrum of worker health.


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