Neuropsychological Functional Screen

OccuMED leverages industry leading technology to undertake complex, validated neuropsychological functional screening.
Cognitive tests include attention, memory, executive function, processing speed to clarify status of patients with neurological and/ or psychiatric disorders.
Other tests include sustained attention, reaction time, visual perception, tracking, eye-hand-foot coordination, reactive stress tolerance and resilience. 

Neuropsychological functional screening may be undertaken as part of:

  • Pre-employment or pre-placement medicals.
  • Fitness for work assessment; either by OccuMED's Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Occupational Physician and Registrars.
  • Health surveillance to identify subtle cognitive change due to prolonged hazardous substance exposure.


Is beneficial in medical screening for high risk roles:

  • Rail care operators
  • Pilots
  • Tactical/ covert surveillance officers
  • Prison/ custodial officers
  • Security officers
  • Mining industry machine operators
  • Commercial drivers

Fitness for Work:

Is complementary to the detailed assessment performed by OccuMED Medical Specialists /  Practitioners, in providing further information of neuropsychological function in employees who:

  • Display deteriorating work performance and work effectiveness
  • Experience recurrent incidences leading to safety concerns
  • Have poor attendance record/ demonstrate recurrent work absenteeism

Health Surveillance: 

In Health Surveillance monitoring where exposure to hazardous solvents and metals can adversely impact cognitive capabilities, the neuropsychological functional screen can be used to objectively measure, test cognitive decline due to workplace exposure.

With an aging workforce, neuropsychological function screening for cognitive decline, decision making impairment can assist with periodic, ongoing monitoring of the health of the workforce in many high risk job/roles and industries.