Sexual Assault Consulting Services

Discover a comprehensive approach to sexual assault management that integrates Occupational and Environmental Medicine, tailored to the unique demands of the mining industry.

Forensic Training Services (FTS) is working in partnership with OccuMED to provide an expert service to support the resources industry in providing a trauma-informed, robust response to disclosures of sexual assault.

The initial response a person receives after a sexual assault greatly impacts their psychological recovery, return to work and participation in any legal process. Companies have a responsibility to respond in an appropriate and timely manner and, most importantly, do no further harm.

Working with Forensic Training Solutions

Given the unique requirements for mine sites and mining operations, companies are recommended to contact FTS to develop a suitable package tailored to the specific needs of the company and site.

The services offered by FTS include, but are not limited to:

  • Consulting services
    • Preparation of company policies
    • Preparation of company procedures
    • Implementation of Early Evidence Kits (EEKS))
  • Training services
    • Training for first response staff in responding to sexual assault
    • Training and education regarding a trauma-informed care and preventing psychological injury
  • Support services
    • Priority subscription service
    • Debriefing service post incident
    • Fitness for work/duty assessments
  • Onsite services

To learn more about this service visit the Forensic Training Solutions website below or submit a contact form to get in touch with the team.