OccuMED provides Remote Medical Support  to clients in remote locations such as remote mine-sites, predominantly within the resource sector. 

24/7 Remote Medical Support

  • Standalone service (without Poison Permit): includes
    • 24/7 phone support for site medic/nurse for general medical advice with OccuMED Medical Practitioner.
    • Coordinated treatment, physical rehabilitation, early return to work programs for employees affected by a workplace injury.
    • Access to key strategic locations, close to Perth Domestic Airport, Hospitals and Specialist Centers in Subiaco and Murdoch.
    • Access to a wide Specialist referral network and rapid referrals for acute workplace injuries and admission to hospitals.
  • With Poison Permit: 
    • Application and custodianship of a Poisons Permit to enable the purchase and use of restricted medications on site.
    • Annual onsite audit.