Pre-employment Medical Examinations

Pre-employment and pre-placement medical examinations relate to occupational medical screening assessments in which standardised questionnaires, physical examination and tests (if required) are undertaken to identify potential employee health risks prior to employment or placement into a new job or new work environment including overseas/ international placement.

Certain industries may have specific medical requirements.

The OccuMED Difference

OccuMED’s pre-employment medical assessments are designed for employers who are genuinely serious about safety and health of their workplace, and the work fitness of new employees.

At OccuMED, the medical history and physical examination are undertaken directly by doctors in our clinics who are experienced and trained in the field of Occupational Medicine.  This is not the case for many of the other providers of pre-employment medical services. 

OccuMED’s Occupational Physicians designed and commenced the pre-employment medical service after extensive experience providing specialist advice on workers’ compensation and fitness for work after adverse health events have occurred at work.

Doctors familiar with the workplace, with experience and training in Occupational Medicine directly taking the history and examination increases the value by identifying and quantifying risk of work accidents, injuries, adverse events and claims in new recruits.

Associated ancillary tests/ services

  • Drug and Alcohol Screen

  • Audiometric Testing (WorkCover WA)

  • Spirometry

  • Musculoskeletal / Functional Testing

  • Aerobic Fitness (Chester or Queens College Step Test)

  • Respirator Protection Fit Testing

  • Hearing Protection Fit Testing (Ear Plug Fit Testing)

  • Travel Vaccinations


Legislated & Industry Specific Examinations

  • Rail Safety Medicals

  • Commercial Driver Medicals

  • Mine Rescue Medicals

  • Aviation Medical

  • Diver Medicals

  • Health Surveillance; Lead, crystalline silica, arsenic, isocyanates, organophosphates etc. 

  • Offshore Placement:

    • Oil & Gas UK (OGUK)


  • Overseas Placement

    • Pre-travel Medical and vaccinations

    • Expatriate Medical

    • Visa Medical