Standardised occupational health assessments relate to screening assessments in which standardised questionnaires, examinations and tests (if required) are undertaken to identify employee health risks.


Pre-employment medical assessments are undertaken before employment and ancillary tests include:

  • Drug and Alcohol Screen
  • Audiometric testing (WorkCover WA)
  • Spirometry
  • Musculoskeletal / Functional Capacity Assessment
  • Aerobic Fitness (Chester Step, Queens College)


Post-employment (Exit) Medicals are undertaken to ascertain the health status of an employee on exiting the workplace and may include: 

  • Audiometric testing (WorkCover WA)


Periodic medicals include:

  • Legislated medicals
  • Occupational Health surveillance / Biological Monitoring
  • Health and wellness / Executive Health checks 


Pre-placement medicals are undertaken for existing employees prior to placement into a safety critical / new role; or new work environment 

Safety Critical (Legislated) Role

  • Rail Safety Medicals
  • Mine Rescue Medical
  • Commercial Driver Medical
  • QLD Coal Board Medical
  • Aviation Medical

New work environment

  • Offshore Placement:
    • Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) 
  • Overseas Placement
    • Pre-travel Medical and vaccinations
    • Expatriate Medical
    • Visa Medical