Social Responsibility at OccuMED

OccuMED is a founding partner of The Beacon, supporting men’s homeless services in Western Australia, and have been a program partner of the Health and Wellness Program since 2013.

The Beacon provides crisis and transitional accommodation for up to 102 men together with transitional support services that will enhance their transition from dependence to independence. OccuMED is one of the founding partners, raising funds for the building of The Beacon.
With OccuMED’s support, the Salvation Army provides Health and Wellness Programs designed to be integrated in to the services offered to the homeless in Western Australia. Through a range of sporting and leisure activities, the program increases motivation and self esteem for the clients, resulting in enhanced participation in their rehabilitation process, and a better lifestyle overall.

OccuMED also supports The Salvation Army’s Alcohol and Drug treatment services in WA named the Bridge Program. The program provides a range of residential and non-residential Alcohol and Other drugs (AOD) treatment services to individuals and families affected by substance misuse.