Fitness for Work Assessments

The independent medical assessment of an employee's capacity (i.e. physical, psychological) to continue to undertake their job safely and effectively following a health concern or adverse event such as:

  • Safety concern
  • Abnormal behaviour and conduct at the workplace
  • Return to work after serious health issues
  • Poor work performance
  • Recurrent absenteeism

Additional services include:

  • Functional Capacity assessment
  • Neuropsychological Functional Assessment
  • Drug and Alcohol testing

Risk Management 

Specialised incident management service: 

  • Manage a major health incident in the workplace such as the outbreak of an infectious disease or toxic spill.
  • Includes risk assessment, management and communication following the health incident or exposure affecting a group of employees

Risk Consulting: 

  • Identifying, assessing risk and formulating policies, procedures and implementing preventative programs to manage health/wellness, safety and rehabilitation in the workplace

Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)

These independent medical evaluations offer a second opinion regarding  liability,  work capacity, treatment or rehabilitation following a worker’s compensation claim.


Permanent Impairment Assessments

The evaluation of permanent impairment as a result of workplace injuries by OccuMED Doctors (WorkCover Approved Medical Specialists)